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Floatic Mission

We provide predictability to unforeseen situations in distribution centers

Logistics business has intrinsically many unpredictable factors such as fluctuating volume, personnel management, and inventory management. Our Floatic solutions aim at overcoming physical and temporal limitations existing in distribution centers.

How does Floatic solve logistics issues?

Floatic Philosophy

Human do what is easy for us Human do what is easy for us
Robot  do what is easy for them Robot  do what is easy for them

Based on the Moravec’s paradox, meaning that robots find that what is difficult to humans is effortless for them, while humans find that what is difficult to robots is easy, we at Floatic devote ourselves to producing the highest efficiency possible in the logistics business.

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Solution to tiring, demanding human labor

Skillfully travels to next location by calculating optimal path using artificial intelligence

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Data acquisition and integration

Enables unit tracking and inventory management using logistics data and provides optimal warehouse solution

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Overcoming physical limitations

Directly provides physical solution to logistics problems via robot movement

Floatic Vision

Expand your world

We at Floatic aspire to expanding your world,
by overcoming each and every limitation that can be found in the world.

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